Zoom & Teams


Zoom and Teams meetings are still a core and vital part of many organisations’ event offering.
Perhaps the quickest and most cost effective method for getting a group of individuals together. We help many clients ensure the smooth running of their Zoom and Teams meetings.

Zoom experts, there’s nothing we don’t know about Zoom, and while Zoom is always our recommended platform, we can also help you with any major platform

No event too small, we still regularly support 1 hour Zoom calls with our clients. Allowing them to focus on the delegates, speakers, and facilitation while we ensure peace of mind with everything technical

No more “can you see my screen?” we host the content but the presenter still has full control. Meaning you don’t have the awkward dead space while someone figures out why the audience can’t see the content they are trying to share

Rehearsals are an often overlooked part of smaller meetings. Even though we are all familiar with a Zoom or Teams call, we still see a big difference in the quality of a meeting when tech checks and rehearsals have been planned and completed with us ahead of the meeting

We can also provide production for hybrid meetings through these platforms by connecting an in-person meeting to an online session. This allows remote participants or presenters to participate with the in-person attendees

Continued support is important to us. We don’t just show up for the meeting, we regularly help our clients with questions or problems between events

Don't just take our word for it

Here's what Johann Nepgen from The Royal Society of Medicine says...

I have nothing but positive things to say when working with the team from Webcast Squared. Their communication and delivery are always flawless. The way they have always been on hand with our requests and events and supporting us to enhance our delivery.