Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Event Squared Ltd Terms and Conditions
6th September 2023



1.1 Event Squared Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales under number 12582289 and registered at the following address: 21 Primrose Close, Gosport, England, PO13 0WP..

1.2 These are the terms and conditions under which we do business. Please read them carefully. We may revise or update these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

1.3 By ordering services from us you accept these terms and conditions, our Privacy Policy and our Data Protection Notice.

2. Dealings between ‘you’ (the client) and ‘we’ or ‘us’ (Event Squared)

2.1 Please contact us in writing if you have any issues regarding these terms and conditions. No variation to these terms and conditions will be binding unless a company Director writes to you confirming the variation.



3.1 We agree to provide services including but not limited to event applications, audience response, registration, badging, other event technology, virtual events, and equipment hire as specified in our quote or proposal under the terms and conditions set out here.

3.2 Some of the services we provide include applications and technology provided by partners and other third parties. By ordering these services from us you accept any terms and conditions, privacy policies and any other terms or policies that apply to these services. These terms and policies will be made available separately by the relevant partner or other third party.

3.3 We provide a range of services that have separate deliverable dates such as registration go live dates, app launch dates, onsite event dates. These dates all require Event Squared to deliver a range of services and it is accepted that economic activity is spread throughout the contracted period.



4.1 Our services are project managed to ensure that the planning for your event is handled to a high level of quality. All our staff who deliver our services at the event are highly experienced and well trained live event practitioners.



5.1 An order must be confirmed by you responding to a quote stating acceptance of the work to be undertaken. This may be in the form of but not limited to email, letter, automatic response and signature..

5.2 On receipt of order confirmation, we will schedule in the required resources to undertake the work. For projects of a large value, we may require pre-payment of a specified amount up front to secure the work internally (see section 7).



6.1 Changes to the required equipment hire and/ or the number of staff required may be made up to 14 days prior to the event without penalty. Changes after this will be open to cancellation charges and are made at our discretion.

6.2 If the scope of your event changes from the original brief you may be subject to additional charges as agreed with your contact at Event Squared.



7.1 Our payment terms are 30 days from issue of the invoice post event.

7.2 In some situations we may issue a 50% up front invoice to facilitate securing the work internally before the event, this is usually for larger projects.

7.3 Any invoices up front must be paid before the event starts in order for us to schedule the work in.

7.4 If you fail to pay us on time we may:

7.4.1 Refuse to supply you with any Services or equipment until payment is made in full.

7.4.2 Disallow any discount that applies to any part of the outstanding payment.

7.4.3 Charge you interest on the outstanding amount at the rate of 3% above the Bank of England base rate, accruing on a daily basis until payment is made in full.



For onsite support services at a specified meeting or event:

8.1 Once our service has been confirmed, if you then cancel or postpone:

8.1.1 More than 30 days prior to the event there will be no charge.

8.1.2 Between 14 and 29 days prior to the event we will charge you 30% of our agreed fees.

8.1.3 With 14 days and 4 days prior to the event we will charge you 50% of our agreed fees.

8.1.4 With 3 days, or fewer, notice we will charge you 100% of our agreed fees.

8.1.5 Any expenses incurred by Event Squared (such as those in 9 below) will be charged in full.



9.1 Our fees are subject to expenses for crew travel, accommodation, subsistence and equipment delivery or freight charges.

9.2 We will invoice our expenses as quoted, except where:

9.2.1 Appropriate flights, accommodation and subsistence are provided by the client.

9.2.2 Flights, accommodation and freight prices have changed since the original quote.

9.2.3 There are material changes to the event (i.e. changes to the agenda, crew call, start or finish times, location or accommodation requirements) which impact on our event logistics and therefore the expenses that will be charged.



10.1 The fees in our quote include all staff and equipment required to support the event unless otherwise stated.

10.2 The quote does not include a connection to the Internet but may include backup internet where required.

10.3 Unless the quote specifies, any additional equipment that is needed on site will be at the responsibility of you and/or the client. This could include, vision mixing, sound, lighting and cameras if not being provided by Event Squared. We will of course ensure that these items are specified if they are required based on your requirements.



11.1 We do not accept liability in any circumstances (including negligence) for:

11.1.1 Any indirect or consequential loss or damage;

11.1.2 Loss of business or capital, profit, reputation or goodwill;

11.1.3 Loss of data or programs contained in or controlled by a machine.

11.2 All representations and warranties (express or implied) are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

11.3 Our liability for breach of contract or negligence shall be limited to the amount payable for the services in connection with which any breach occurs.

11.4 Nothing in this section 11 limits or excludes our liability for death or personal injury.



12.1 When providing services to you we are likely to process Personal Data including a list of persons attending an event. When processing Personal Data we will comply with applicable data protection law including the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

12.2 You represent and warrant that any Personal Data you provide to us has been collected and processed in accordance with applicable data protection law and that each Data Subject consents to you providing it to us for the purposes of the services we provide to you.

12.3 For events other than those specified in section 12.4, we acknowledge that we are a Controller for the Personal Data that we collect including any Personal Data you provide to us and any Personal Data we collect when providing services. When you send, deliver or transfer Personal Data to us on receipt of that Personal Data we become a subsequent Controller of that Personal Data.

12.4 For Event Services described as “self-service” we act as Processor and we will process Personal Data for you as Controller and act in accordance with your instructions (including any instructions of a general nature).

12.5 We may disclose Personal Data to:

12.5.1 Our personnel, contractors and other third parties who assist us to provide services to you to the extent necessary to perform the services.

12.5.2 Third party service providers who process data on our behalf to the extent necessary to perform the processing.

12.5.3 A competent public authority where required by applicable law.

12.6 We will not transfer or permit the transfer of Personal Data to third parties located in countries outside the European Economic Area unless the European Commission has issued a valid adequacy decision for that country or that third party has accepted standard contractual clauses in a form approved by the European Commission.

12.7 The terms Personal Data, Controller, Processor, processing and Data Subject have the meanings given to them in applicable data protection law.



13.1 These terms and conditions and any non-contractual terms arising in connection with any services provided under these terms and conditions are governed by, and shall be construed, in accordance with English law and you and we hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.