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We are CVENT experts
We have invested the time and resource into ensuring we are at the top of our game and ready to help you with your
CVENT projects whether that be Event App, Check-in, Badging or Registration - we are here to help.

CVENT Examples

Below are some examples taken from the CVENT visual showcase.
The CVENT platform coupled with our knowledge enables us to assist you in achieving your design goals.

Our Accreditations

Our experince and training is recognised by CVENT.

Event Management

  • Simple registration site build
  • OnArrival app
  • Simple email marketing
  • Session check-in
  • Attendee list and contacts organising
  • Custom fields
  • Reporting

Event Management

  • Multiple registration paths
  • Advanced registration type logic
  • Multiple registration types
  • Custom fields
  • Payments & Payment gateways
  • Custom data tags
  • Advanced reporting
  • Hotels, Air-actuals & Air-requests

Attendee Hub

  • Container apps
  • Virtual and Hybrid platform
  • Event privacy
  • Streaming and Zoom
  • Event app whitelabeling
  • Push notifications
  • Speakers, agenda, additional features
  • Networking